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Rebuild a Comfortable Life in Westchester, NY with Skilled Contractors

Part of the New York metropolitan area, Westchester boasts urban vibrancy, bustling downtowns, oceanfront views, and outdoor experiences for those looking for a peaceful getaway within an hour’s commute from Manhattan.

Known to be one of the most desirable and wealthiest counties in the US, Westchester offers a high living standard, enriching culture, and world-class recreation and entertainment to anyone who decides to build a dream home in the county.

Whether you’ve decided to restyle your family home or have just purchased a property needing major renovations, Golden Touch Renovation LLC is your partner from the initial preps to the big reveal. Our contractors take time to understand your uncompromising standards of quality, sophistication, and style. They go above and beyond other contractors in Westchester, NY, to deliver a premium experience.

Whether your project is small or extensive, our detailed project management, superior teamwork, and hands-on skills result in value, durability, and elegance that lasts a lifetime. At Golden Touch Renovation LLC, we offer complete remodeling and restoration services in Westchester, NY—from gutter cleaning and repair to roofing, chimney repair, skylight, deck, pavers, exterior painting, and water damage and restoration. Request a free quote now!

Let Us Handle your Home Renovation Project from Start to Finish

Skylights are a great addition to homes because they not only add class but also circulate natural sunlight, which spruces up the area and improves the health and mood of occupants. Other beautifying options that add functionality to the space include bathroom and kitchen remodeling, drywall, hardwood flooring, painting, decking, pavers, and room additions.

The experienced team at Golden Touch Renovation LLC can make your home or office stand out with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship that knows how to enhance curb appeal and value while protecting the investment from harsh environmental elements.

We also have skilled roofing contractors who can help you with roof repairs and replacement jobs to keep your property looking great while protecting your loved ones and belongings. We can also help you with insulation and other tasks that help keep the monthly energy bills down while optimizing comfort all year long.

Our residential and commercial roofing contractors can get the job done right without breaking the bank for a range of roofing solutions. These include TPO, metal roofing, liquid-applied membrane and coating, asphalt shingles, and many other slate, clay, or concrete options.

Besides ensuring the cement, masonry, and contracting work comply with the latest industry standards and state and local codes, we also provide gutter cleaning and repair services in Westchester, NY. Our experts can help you unclog or repair damaged gutters to keep the property free of rodents, debris, twigs, leaves, pests, and other sediments. Our gutter cleaning and repair experts can inspect, clean, and repair downspouts and gutters, so you won’t have to!

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