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Home is where your heart is. Your home is not just a proud investment but a sanctuary where you ought to feel the most comfortable as you unwind after a long day. At Golden Touch Renovation LLC, we believe your home deserves the attention and care of experts who know just the right techniques to make any space feel cozier.

Make a Lasting Impression with a Well-Maintained Home in the Bronx, NY

A memorable first impression begins with a fantastic exterior that catches the visitor’s eyes. If you’re looking for experienced contractors in the Bronx, NY, look no further than Golden Touch Renovation LLC. We offer complete remodeling and restoration services – from gutter cleaning and repair to roofing, chimney repair, skylight, deck, pavers, exterior painting, and water damage and restoration.

You can also partner with us for drywall repairs, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, hardwood flooring, or home and room additions. Our capable contractors can turn any difficult-to-navigate and tiny interior space into a functional area where you can spend quality time and entertain guests.

Need to refresh a room, replace or modify a wall, add color, or tone things down? Have a small kitchen? Let us help you bring your dream kitchen to life! Our experts offer a breadth of services to add convenience and beauty to your life.

We take pride in our outstanding workmanship, seamless customer support, purposeful communication, and inspirational yet functional solutions that maximize value for your home remodeling projects in the Bronx, NY.

Our home improvement specialists can breathe new life into your home or office with a fresh paint coat! Getting your home painted by our experts will enhance its appearance, and the high-quality materials we use will protect it from inclement weather and harsh environmental conditions. Our comprehensive surface preparation solutions mean the paint job won’t crack or peel anytime soon.

We also make the stressful process of replacing or repairing roofs easier for our commercial and residential clients. We know a roof is one of the most crucial elements of a property’s safety, stability, comfort, and curb appeal.

Our roofing contractors can help you with roof repairs and replacement jobs to keep your property looking great while protecting your loved ones and belongings. Adding insulation is a great way to keep the monthly energy bills down.

From slate to clay or concrete, metal roofing, asphalt shingles, TPO, and liquid-applied membrane and coating, we offer a range of options that suit commercial and residential properties commendably.

Our knowledgeable roofing contractors and waterproofing and masonry professionals take the time to ensure everything is compliant with the latest state and local codes. Don’t worry; we also remedy previous mistakes to ensure the property remains in good shape.

We’re Also the Leading Gutter Cleaning and Repair Specialists in the Bronx, NY

If the rains and hail storms have left you with damaged gutters, or the leaves, twigs, debris, and other sediments have clogged or damaged it, you’ve come to the right place! Our gutter cleaning and repair specialists can inspect, clean, and repair downspouts and gutters, so you won’t have to!

We’ve got the right training, skills, and safety equipment to do a perfect job every time you need us to rescue you from algae mold and debris. Our gutter inspectors first assess the condition and then suggest suitable solutions. They’re equipped to handle any gutter problem efficiently – no matter how big or small! With our experts on your side, you won’t have to worry about water damage and restoration as well!

Our experience, knowledge, and expertise don’t just end here! We also help with masonry or chimney repairs in the Bronx, NY. We strive to provide all our residential and commercial clients with expertise and satisfaction so they can enjoy how smooth things proceed when they partner with us for gutter cleaning and repair, roofing, chimney repair, skylight, deck, pavers, exterior painting, or any other service we offer in the Bronx, NY.

We know the climate as well as the lay of the land, so we provide you with the best solutions that will keep you and your assets safe and secure while lasting a lifetime. Our goal is to accommodate you every step of the way, from the initial estimate to project completion.

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